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we are a musical collective

dedicated to fighting hunger in America

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Just like its members, Henna Roso is not easily defined. The band merges the various styles and influences of Justin Dupuis and Taylor Graham to create a unique, yet approachable musical experience for the listener. Combining elements of funk, jazz, and soul, Henna Roso’s unique compositions take the listener to new sonic heights. 

Taylor Graham /  Bass
Kristin Ruyle /  Percussion
Justin Dupuis / Guitar
Andy McCormick / Sax
 Foster / Drums
Bobby Moffett Jr./ Keyboards





Henna Roso is a musical collective dedicated to fighting hunger related issues in America. By offering food drives at every show and dedicating 10% of all profits to fighting food insecurity, Henna Roso hopes to provide sustained support for hunger related issues. In 3 years they have raised over 65,000 meals for people in need.